15 DIY Wall Decor Ideas to freshen up your living space

15 DIY Wall Decor Ideas to freshen up your living space

Looking for wall decor ideas to freshen up your living space? Those walls can be filled with endless possibilities. By some additions here and there can transform a house to a home. if you are ready to create a stylish ambiance around you, keep reading. No matter what you got there, our tricks can help you bring your personality and taste to your walls. whoever you are an art collector, a literature lover, or a nature lover. Discover 15 DIY Wall Decor Ideas to freshen up your living space and make desired surroundings around you.

1. Get Some Very Large Scale Landscape Art

An oversized or Large Photograph will attract attention and set a different tone in a small space. Place a black and white picture in a small space or vibrant abstract piece with added colors.

2. Hang Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, helps to brighten the place and make it feel bigger then actual. Hang a very large mirror or several smaller salon-style mirrors and fill the space.

3. Paste Wall Stickers

These wall stickers decorate your home just in minutes. Easy installation the surface you wish to attach your decal must be clean and free from dust, grease or any other contamination. Simply peel those pre-cut pieces of wall stickers off from the backing paper and apply them to the desired area.

4. Add Some Wall Shelves

The storage wall shelf can use every inch of space in the walls of your house, providing an ideal storage solution in bedrooms, living rooms, office areas or the kitchen. The shelf functions as a display unit, providing a place for items such as books, potted plants, framed photos, keepsakes, or other decorative items. Mount it in your living area, kitchen, or bathroom for a modern and sophisticated look. All necessary fittings and accessories come along with the product. Easy to assemble, the hardware comes with drywall anchors so all you need is a drill, drill bit and screwdriver to fasten the unit to the wall.

5. Hang plates

Add oodles of class to your room’s wall by hanging creative wall plates. Beautify your walls with the artistic make, intricate detailing, variety of colors and designs these hanging plates.

6. Add Sculptural Sconces

Everyone deserves to live beautifully. That to see beauty is to feel it, and that often it is the unusual, one of a kind, and sometimes even quirky that most make us think, feel, grow.

7. Add Nature with Wall Plant Hangers

Add instant style and personality to your home. Potted plants to herb gardens. Rustic to modern. Nature has something for everyone. Get wall ports or you can also use recycled products if you like and mount them and fill them with green plants.

8. Add texture with Weaved Wall Hanging Small Art

Beautiful wall art creates a sense of harmony and comfort in your room. It is great for a bedroom, living area, baby nursery, workspace or anywhere where you’d like to bring some texture and interest to your walls. Its symmetrical design will fit in any interior. This woolen hanging makes a perfect statement piece for hanging over the head of a bed or baby crib, over a couch, fireplace mantel or desk, or near a window for adding a cozy touch to your living or workspace. You can get them from amazon or etsy.

9. Wall Mount Corner Shelves

Decorate your walls with these well designed and ergonomic wall shelves. Available in a variety of styles and designs, you can use them to organise your essentials or display decorative items.

10. Change Cushion Covers

Leave your visitors to spellbound by decorating your seating area with these abstract patterned cushion covers. The beauty and elegance of these cushions are sure to radiate in the entire room. Made of fine-quality material, these durable covers are easy to wash and maintain Many styles and type of Cushion covers are availbale on Etsy, Amazon, etc. to select from.

11. Add Wallpapers

Incredible grown-up and sophisticated removable wall art. The glued up murals will change the entire look of the place and available in endless styles. If you don’t own the place then this is perfect to use removable wall art and wont damage the walls.

12. Wall of Memories

By arranging photos of your loved ones you can create a amassing photo wall. It will appear like a co-large or a big photo consist of various small photos and you will have your wall of memories all together.

13. Showcase Fabric

Hanging a different shade fabric cloth of a wall throw in the back side of your bed will give your sleeping area a royal look. There are plenty of wall Throws available on amazon, etsy etc online market place.

14. Paint a Mural on wall

Transform any space in your home with art and photo wall murals. From thousands of works of art, designs or photos you can choose. Get the perfect mural wallpaper in any size you need.

15. Create a Basket Wall

It’s a collection of baskets grouped together and hung on a wall. The look works for a variety of different styles, including boho, traditional, rustic or coastal. They’re inexpensive and easy to recreate in your home. In fact, check out these totally doable and totally inspiring basket walls we’re currently totally crushing on.

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